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 Our mission

Reduce your risk and boost your cash flow with Originate Capital.

Traditional banks and factoring companies often finance only 80-90% of your invoice amounts, requiring insurance cover for your buyer.

At Originate Capital, we’ve eliminated these hurdles.

Enjoy a 100% advance rate on your invoices. We assume the credit risk, eliminating the need for credit insurance approval.

Benefit from our low-cost, flexible invoice finance solutions. With us, you’re shielded from invoice disputes and the risk of buyer defaults.

 Our products

Working capital solutions.

Our offer to service your business’ needs.
For Suppliers

We advance up to 100% of your invoices and release payment within 24-48 hours after receiving and approving your offer.



For Buyers

US-based companies with a track record and solid financials. Operationally profitable and with revenues of >$10million per year.



Best Fit

Good trading history between supplier and buyer. Single Invoice amount of $0.2 to $1.5million. Payment terms of up to 180 days.



Risk mitigation.

Originate Capital eliminates credit risk by serving as a trusted intermediary between buyers and sellers, covering potential payment shortfalls in case of default.

Additionally, we reduce the risk of invoice disputes by obtaining robust payment confirmations from your buyers.

Global trade.

We specialize in cross-border trades, enabling manufacturers and traders in emerging and frontier markets to receive immediate payment when selling to buyers in the USA and Europe.

Nothing kills more businesses than a lack of cashflow.

Use cases.

We work with companies big and small.

Garment Retailer

Due to the unavailability of credit insurance, an Indian supplier couldn’t secure factoring for one of its largest US buyers. Originate Capital extended a $1.25 million limit based solely on the buyer’s audited financials.

LME Copper Trader

An experienced metals trader, supplying several US publicly listed companies, required bridge financing to bridge the gap between paying suppliers and receiving payments from American importers.

Originate Capital directly paid the trader’s suppliers based on approved invoices from the importers.

Renewable Energy Contractor

An Indian exporter to the US encountered cash flow challenges.

In partnership with the American importer, Originate Capital discounted multiple 180-day invoices, ensuring the supplier had the liquidity needed to fulfill the importer’s purchase orders.

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The only lender unrestricted by credit insurance approvals.

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