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 Our mission

Fast access to working capital.

We provide competitive financing so you can focus on your core business.

Originate’s working capital solutions provide a non-bank alternative to traditional time and resource-consuming financing options.

Our products cover your needs across the length of the supply chain, every step of the way.

 Our products

Working capital solutions.

Bespoke, to service your business’ needs.
Invoice finance
We advance up to 100% of your invoices and release payment within 24-48 hours after receiving and approving your offer.



Structured trade finance

Turn your inventory and assets into cash liquidity. We provide capital at a competitive loan to value ratio.



Supply chain finance

Our solution enables you to improve working capital by extending payment terms to all of your suppliers.



Risk mitigation.

We minimise credit risk by acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, covering the risk of a payment shortfall in case of default.

Which means, in the event your customer cannot pay, we will pay you.

Global presence.

Our global presence enables us to work with borrowers in jurisdictions often ignored by others. 

Our extensive network of global financial institutions saves significant time in the investor identification process and provides suppliers with a cost of capital that most non-bank financiers can’t provide.

Nothing kills more businesses than a lack of cashflow.

A variety of applications.

We work with companies big and small.

Big buyers

Type of product:


  • Supply Chain Finance for a Hong Kong company supplying to Heineken and Coca-Cola.
  • Cost of capital as low as to compete and be selected besides HSBC.

Small suppliers

Type of industry:


  • Textile exports from China to the USA, account receivables financed at a 100% advance rate.
  • Credit insurance made available and managed through Originate Capital.

Structured finance

Type of service:


  • Highly diversified SME loan programme in South East Asia.
  • Securitisation of the portfolio via the Originate Capital SPV in Luxembourg (equity tranche provided by Originator and senior tranche by a European debt fund).

 How it works

Transparency at its core.

A process you can relate to – fast, personalised and secure.
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 Why us

You originate.
We source the capital.

rates as low as 5.75% p.a

pre-approval within 72 hours

up to 100% advance rate

paid within 24-48 hours

support with credit insurance

dedicated, personal support

We work with the best.

Our service and insurance providers.

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